Grim Dawn Basics 03 – Reputation and Factions | grim dawn blacksmith choice | Update

Grim Dawn Basics 03 – Reputation and Factions – grim dawn blacksmith choice

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Grim Dawn Basics 03 – Reputation and Factions | Images related to this topic.

Grim Dawn Basics 03 - Reputation and Factions
Grim Dawn Basics 03 – Reputation and Factions

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Grim Dawn Basics 03 – Reputation and Factions.

grim dawn blacksmith choice.

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6 thoughts on “Grim Dawn Basics 03 – Reputation and Factions | grim dawn blacksmith choice | Update

  1. SpaceMonkeyEntertainment says:

    Hi, i started playing through Grim Dawn 2 days ago and already hit a brick wall and am very frustrated with the game, not because i feel challenged and overwhelmed, but because i have no idea how to "fix" that. I quite literally ran through the first 3 difficulties of D3 back when it came out, with crap gear, so i thought i wasn't half bad at this kind of game and went straight to Veteran for a challenge.

    I rolled a Warder, because running around with a giant club while tanking through things sounded like straightforward fun (although i ended up with a shield to improve survivabilty and relying on Briarthorn and Devouring Swarm to keep me alive). So i just finished running through those Aether fields near Homestead and just standing in those puddles on the ground nearly kills me in seconds, so i am running around like a chicken hoping that i live to pop a health potion to get some hits in before i go back to running around. Although to be fair, i have cheated a bit and relied on my briarthorn to do the most part of the dmg early on, so maybe i just didn't learn how to use things properly since i focussed on getting him to max (if a summon has to be any viable in endgame it has to be pretty op early on, and i think its fair to say that it is). Needless to say my experience with the game is not what i hoped for and kinda expected.

    But the game explains itself very badly imo. I am currently lvl36 and am fighting enemies up to 8 lvls above me, i am not able to evaluate my build, i don't understand crafting, the devotion system and have no indication as to what stat is more benefitial than others (thus again, comparing 2 items that are similar is hard for me).

    So yeah, in short: I would like to see more about comparing items in particular, especially how to choose items as you go, what stats to focus on etc. Maybe an extensive look at the devotion system would help (i.e how to choose a route to go for what type of character).

    Oh and one more question, albeit a bit unrelated. What would you do when you hit a wall ? Try to push through it or farm up ? I personally tried to go with the flow since i didn't really feel like other gear improved my odds (then again i can't really reliably tell most of the time i guess).

    PS: Just started to watch the LP, so excuse me if you already had a look at some of those things or already talked about a general approach to the game and progression.

  2. Spooky JOM says:

    Hey dude i have a question and a suggestion
    the question is, do the lowering poison res. from night's chill and vulnerability stack
    and the suggestion is about a "basics" video covering resist , lowering enemies resists and armor absorption.
    again awesome videos 🙂

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